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9 July 2015 - 13 August 2015

Craft: Embroiderers

Rona Collin, Evelyn Cooper, Roz Duffy, Julia Gardner, Mary Gillespie, Irene Hughes, Jean McClure, Kathleen McVay, Liz Maitland, Catherine Skelton, collectively known as The Thursday Stitchers, are former City & Guilds Creative Embroidery students who have gone on, after completion of their course, to form a self-led group who meet weekly.

Each individual follows her own creative inspiration basing her work on subjects such as nature, history, landscape, industry etc., combining both modern and traditional textile art methods, materials and stitch in the finished pieces.

9 June 2015 - 9 July 2015

Craft: Ceramics

Carol Sinclair explores the importance of memory in her work and its role in defining who we are.  Her delicate and fragile compositions use drifting fragments of translucent white porcelain to express the complexity of our personal connections, and seek to balance what is present with the random absences that are created by time.

A graduate of Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Carol runs her own ceramics practice from her studio in Edinburgh and has exhibited in Europe and across the UK.

5 May 2015 - 9 June 2015

Craft: Copper and Silver Jewellery

I am a jewellery designer / maker, producing a range of silver and copper jewellery in my workshop near Kelso, I have worked with metals all my life, and I love the versatility of silver and the many effects that can be achieved using copper.  My workshop is open by appointment, and commissions are welcomed.

I regularly demonstrates the techniques and processes involved in jewellery making at Arts Festivals and Craft Fairs.

7 April 2015 - 5 May 2015

Craft: Artist Books

Liza Green and Lynda Wilson are members of the Artist Book. The members of the group work in various mediums and explore the book form as part of their wider practice.

Liza’s books are a reflection of her large-scale textile installations, generating from an interest in political landscapes and the legacy of human presence.  Stitch, print, drawing and construction are all important elements in the making process. She is a member of Edge – textile artists Scotland.

An architectural background informs Lynda’s work, exploring the city and coastal findings through the three-dimensional form of books. Ideas are realised through sketching on location, before using print, perforation and pop-up in the studio. Her books are held in the collections of Edinburgh College of Art, the Scottish Poetry Library and Edinburgh Libraries Fine Art Library.

3 March 2015 - 7 April 2015

Craft: Boxes

'I make boxes in different kinds of wood, metal and other materials.  The boxes are all functional, although they are not made for any specific use. Combining materials is important - even essential - for me, as well as working with form, proportion, surface, colour and texture.

I start with an idea or a drawing of the box I want to make, but it changes during the process. I may add other materials, or use techniques other than those of which I first thought.

I enjoy the process, and the silent language of materials.'

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